Monday, March 14, 2011

Can We Pray For You?

Monday morning my email inbox was full. Super full.

While that fact is neither new or terribly remarkable it was the content of many of the emails that moves me to write this morning.

As I moved from email to email I was floored by amount of prayer requests I had received. So many are desperate and hurting. I need of their family (real or virtual) to step in the gap and hold them in prayer and in love.

And it made me think of all of can we pray for you? Is there something we can walk through with you in prayer?

Leave comment. Join me in prayer for others and share your prayer concerns.

My request: as I walk through the pages of Made to Crave I have been strongly convicted about my food issues and the problems I have. Yesterday, I made bad choices, all the way around when it comes to food. Today, will be a better day! But I ask for prayer as I teach my body food is for maintenance (although enjoyable maintenance at that) and I am made to be filled with Jesus!

My prayer: Father, how humbled I was this morning the pain, hurting and need that met me in my inbox this morning. My heart broke for all the friends and family who are in need. And so often I feel helpless to help them, but I know Father those hurts where never mine to fix. They are yours. Their hurts are yours. Their hearts are yours. Their days are yours. Father, we ask for your peace. That we would feel your hand upon our lives, that You would deliver your wisdom and grace in the moment when it is most needed. Thank you Father, that you allow us to come to You. Thank you for Jesus and His presence in our lives. Amen.

Will you join me in prayer today?

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