Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Bucket is Leaking

Have you ever been through a season of life where everything just seems off? When those major components of your life are just not right?

I'm living in one of those seasons now and I have concluded that my bucket is leaking. The emotionally trying days of church issues, family drama, fractured feet, ministry hiccups and routines tossed out the window are taking their toll on me.

If I was a bucket of love and encouragement to be poured out into my life, I would be the bucket above. Holes. Patches. Leaking. Emptying fast.

And yesterday as the rain streaked our windows and tears ran down my cheeks and puddled in my heart, someone stopped by to fill my bucket.

A sweet girlfriend braved the dark and stormy night to sit on my couch and pour into me. To laugh. To understand. To encourage. To listen. To fill my bucket.

And as those moments ended in hugs and promises of phone calls, I realized just how blessed I am. I felt vulnerable and small. Normally, when I feel like that I struggle to change the circumstances, crack a joke to hide my discomfort, or ignore how I feel. But for the first time, maybe ever, I took the encrougement and friendship and knew that life is like that some times.

Sometime your bucket leaks. 
Sometimes your bucket is empty. 
Sometimes your bucket overflows. 
Sometimes you are the one filling others up out of your overflow.

Funny the lessons we learn when we sit in the moments God creates around us. When we live in the circumstances God draws us to - leaning in for His heart and whisper.

God taught me this week that vulnerability leads to deeper love. That sometimes I'm empty. And that He'll fill my bucket with His people, His words and His love!!

And how much more will I enjoy the overflow when the echoes of emptiness still hang in the air?

Father, thank you for the times that make us weak and small. Thank you that You use those times to remind us of Your power, Your plans and Your blessings. Thank you for sending friends to love on me when I'm a wreck and fill me up. I'll cling to you in the midst of this storm, and how I can't wait to overflow again!!! Amen.


Marcie said...

Thank you, Wendy for your transparency. I have often found that it is in my weakest moments when I gain the most strength to actually go forward.

I am so sorry for all that is going on in our church. I wish I could change it all. But one thing I do know, God loves this body more than even we do. And in His great love, He plans to come alongside this body much like your friend did for you.

He will fill the emptiness with His truth, His love and His power. I'm believing for that!

Anonymous said...


I know what you mean. I wish I had the courage to be vulnerable more often. Nobody will come to fill my bucket if I keep telling the world, "No thanks. All filled up here!" when in fact only a few drops remain.

I hope that whatever you're going through will pass very soon.


Wendi :)

Lorriebug2001 said...

Praise the Lord that you can express your feelings here!! I cherish you my dear friend and hope that we can have many more "tea times"

Anonymous said...


Thank you soooo much for sharing this struggle, this journey. As moms, we have all walked this path at one time or another or may be there now!

We are all in different places.

We may be the leaky bucket - or we may be the one to offer an encouraging word.

May His arms embrace you, His strengh raise you up, His grace cover!

Leebird said...

Love you sweet one! Glad God gave you a sister in your midst to love on you.