Monday, June 13, 2011

I almost missed the moment

Her little hands held a small booklet. An answer to a mommy prayer. A moment I almost missed.

As I begin planning next year's homeschooling, many goals, hope, and ideas have popped into my head. And as I prayerfully sort through all my what ifs, one has continued to pop up.

Beginning the morning with the Lord. A moment with the God. Helping my children learn the habits of rooting their days in God's word. Turing their eyes to Him.

This morning as was I bustling around preparing for the day I began thinking of all the ways I could implement a morning devotion with the kids.

And then...there she was holding the moment I have been trying to capture.

Isabel sat on the couch holding a small booklet of devotions her grandmother gave her. Three steps past her I realized I was missing the moment. My daughter's heart was searching for truth and light already and if I took one more step I would miss the moment designed to answer my prayer and feed her heart.

Snuggled on the couch together I listened to Isabel read today's paragraph on waiting on the Lord. After she read I asked her if she understood it, and she said "kind of, but Mom can you read it now so I can listen, ask questions and understand it?"

What a sweet moment hand delivered from God, an answer to prayer and lesson all in one!

Open your eyes and hearts today friends...may you not take one step beyond the blessings of God!


Leebird said...

beautiful on my sweet girl for me.

Runner Mom said...

So glad that you were there in that precious moment. Miss you girl!!
Love you!

pinkdaisyjane said...

Oh! What a gorgeous, beautiful, well-written kick in the pants for me today! Thank you!

debbie g said...

And they shall be lead by a it when that happens and we actually notice.