Wednesday, May 20, 2009

How Clean Is Your House?

In the last couple of weeks something has come over me...I want to clean. (Yes, I'll come over to your place...leave your name, address and hourly rate on my comments!! He, he.) I mean seriously clean -- on my hands and knees scrubbing floors, washing baseboards, pressure washing my front porch and more. And you know what I'm house is filthy!!

Standing in my living room if you glance around it doesn't look too bad...a little dusty maybe (dusting is tomorrow!). Even in the kitchen, you wouldn't know the filth that I have found. It makes me want to apologize to those who have ever been in my house.

So here I was today, pressure washing the front porch, and I began to think about the layers of dirt and general ickiness that I have managed to strip off and blow away these last few days. You know, my cleaning "kick" has been inspired by God and my prayers to be more like the Proverbs 31 woman (see my last post for more on that). While I was cleaning I began wondering about other places in my house that look clean at a quick glance...I could name any number of them without much thought. And then I went a step farther...

Beyond my house what places are holding dark corners where things are hidden? Where are the gritty places that I don't clean unless I have to?

Let me pause here to tell you something...I hate being embarrassed, really HATE it. However, I am going to pull back the veil a bit and tell you a few embarrassing things in order to help clean some of my dark corners and maybe help you spotlight a few of yours.

Okay, so I found out the dark spots on my kitchen tile that were in the lower traffic areas aren't part of the pattern that hasn't faded. They are dirt. Yep, dirt. We've lived here five years and I'm just now figuring out that there are no dark speckles on the floor?? Um, can you say icky??

And while that is bad enough I have found places in life that are just as dirty and just as embarrassing. Places that are easier to hide from guests, but just as "icky" to God.

Like that part of me that eats the sweets in the house when no one is around, almost compulsively. I don't want to be the fat girl anymore; for a good part of my life I have been. I know I am fat by my own hand, but in the quiet bored moments of my life I eat. I don't think about God or my family or my health when I am stuffing my face. I am trying to create fewer "bored" moments -- less tv watching, more active activities, going to bed earlier, giving those moments to Bible study, oh & blogging!!

Or how about the part of me that doesn't put others first. I want to be someone who gives of myself and my resources freely -- not begrudgingly. Even at times when I know I should do things for others (my kids, friends, family, whoever) I will do them but it is not with a happy heart. I complain, even throw a fit, all in my head. And while the world may never see how wretched I can be God hears every thought, every word...and in His eyes I am as bad as my 3 year old when she does that at full volume in the front yard! Stop and think for a second...God hears EVERY word you think. Hmmm...

There are so many other things about my life that need to be cleaned out. The truth is, I need to throw open the windows and doors and ask God all the way in. Help me to clean out all that is in my heart that is not of You, Father. I want to be that woman you designed me to be -- inside and out!

I learned a long time ago one of the quickest ways to change habits in your life is to tell others what you are trying to do (or not to do as the case may be). And friends, this is one of those moments. I've given you two examples of things I'd like to change (I could go on for days, really). Two big examples. Will you pray for me? Will you help hold me accountable? Will you hold the flashlight while I clean out these corners?

How clean is your house?


Leebird said...

My house is pretty grimy, too....the one I live in, and the one in me!

I will pray for you my precious friend.

You can pray for me, too...for the same two issues you mentioned....I want to stuff myself with Jesus, and, as a result, my attitude will be full of love and generosity toward God and others.

Love you...

On Purpose said...

This is a GREAT post Wendy! Guilty and convicted on two accounts here today...leaving encouraged knowing God will take me to a higher place that He has for me...a place I can only go in His strength.

Love to you!