Monday, June 22, 2009

What did He give you a heart for?

I love to people watch. Always have. There is something intriguing about watching people go about their normal day, especially when they pay not attention to you. Perhaps that is why reality became such a big hit -- I'm not the only one that likes to people watch.

For the last few years, however, my people watching has taken on a new shape or at least a new thought process.

I watch... she loads her grocery cart cooing at the infant wriggling in the seat. she shuffles her feet along the sidewalk keeping up with her aging husband. she sits in traffic rubbing her temples and singing along with the radio. she sits alone in church not making eye contact with anyone.

I wonder...
Who is she?
Is she happy? Sad?
Lonely? Overcommited?
Skilled? Passionate?
Does she know Him?

At our former church I stumbled into Women's Ministry (don't you just love when you finally bumble your way into exactly where God wants you?). Anyway, I had access to a house in the mountains and thought, hmmm, women's retreat? We planned a little retreat (18 ladies or so) and with that a ministry was born and a passion was unearthed.

Oh lovely it is to see how God knits women's hearts together to share friendship and faith. How touching the lives of one woman as ripple affect through her family, her friends, her neighborhood and community. I was hooked.

Giving women a chance and space to be just daughters of the King, to share their burdens and their laughter and strengthen their faith. I love how God used everything we did to open doors and relationships -- one woman came to a Christmas party which lead to her coming to church and eventually her husband was saved (um, anyone see a God light on that path??). God was always, always doing something and letting the women minister to each other.

And then, we left that church. I left "my" ministry. And when we finally landed at a new church I didn't see any open windows or doors and thought perhaps God had other plans and that was okay.

And then I started people watching again, and...

...well... know...

God gave me a heart for women.

We loved you so much that we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well, because you had become so dear to us. 1 Thessalonians 2:8
That's what it is all about, right there. Women are relational. We learn to adore and love one another, and God uses that to share Himself.
The last few weeks I have been asking for prayer for direction and wisdom about ministry. Let me tell you, I'm still clueless as to the how but I know the what! I just see opportunities everywhere -- I get ideas from standing in line at the grocery store for goodness sake!
Like the bat signal in the skies of Gotham God's fixin' to cast a light on path in my life. And, wow, do I love it when I finally bumble (again) into something God wants me to be doing.
Where and when do your passions ignite? Don't know? Ask Him to show you. He is always faithful.
He'll cast the light...will you walk the path?
What has God give you a heart for?

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