Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pocket Full of Kisses, Heart Full of Your Word

I read an adorable book to my daughter this afternoon -- Take a Kiss to School by Mary McAllister. When young Digby, the mole, gets scared about being at school and not having his mommy with him, his mom blows kisses into her cupped hands and fills up the pocket of his jacket with them. Then throughout the day he can grab one and press it to his cheek to feel more confident and secure. When Digby's pocket gets torn he loses his kisses and has to find his strength without them.

As I read the book I was struck by God's timing. This week in our Bible study we were introduced to the Kisses from the King concept. God was using a children's book to drive home a message -- to kiss me.

I have hidden your word in my heart...
Psalm 119:11

When we memorize Scripture and hide God's word in our hearts we are investing in future kisses. In those times of trouble or when we need a shot of confidence or just need to be kissed by our Creator, God brings forth something we've tucked away.

With Heavenly warmth He touches His lips to your cheek and reminds you of the love letter He wrote to you. Reminds you that you are not alone...He is there.

And our hearts won't rip and let all the kisses fall out. We don't ever have to figure out where our strength comes from now that we've run out of kisses for our Father.

I'm in the midst of a trying week, and I have just loved how God has chosen to remind me that I am His and He is walking with me. I hate that so often I am mired in my own bog of selfishness and I miss the banners God is flying all around me.

Today, I am trying to see them.

Today, I am reminding myself to listen.

Today, I feel the kisses.

Three small girls singing "Mighty to Save" on the front porch today - touches on the devotional I read this morning that spoke of childlike faith and innocence.

A randomly chosen story book from the library -- reminds me I can carry kisses in my heart.

Standing in my garden, watering my cucumbers wondering what it was like for Adam & Eve to walk in the garden with God and realizing that while I couldn't see His face I was walking with Him just the same.

I love the awesomeness of our God! That the same power that calmed the seas and moved mountains is directed at my tiny heart with the sole intention of making me feel loved.

How am I worth that power? That love?

I'll never know.

But, I can promise that the next time I feel that Heavenly warmth on my cheek I'll smile...for I've been kissed by my King.

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