Monday, July 18, 2011

The Hidden Gems of She Speaks

I love to hide things where people will find them and be blessed. Love notes for my hubby taped to the mirror or in his coat pocket (or the year I put valentines in his boots and he didn't know it...wore 'em all day and ground the little notes into lint!). Little surprises for my an out of the blue snack on the breakfast table sweet, delicious and just waiting for their little fingers. I am even know to hide cookies from the dogs now and then...just so they can find a yummy lil surprise.

I realized today, that God does that too. 

I have been blessed to be part of the She Speaks facebook group for this year's attendees. It is great seeing the advice, prayer, support and laughter that is being dispensed from keyboards around the country. What added bonus that group has been.

And yet, as I read the posts about nerves, worries, frenzied preparation and more it excites me to think of how much more is in store for these women. To know that God has tucked lil gems in the nooks and crannies of the upcoming weekend specially hidden for His daughters to stumble upon and delight in.

In the large banquet room there will be delivious meals peppered with lively conversation. The room is a buzz with energy and passion. There will be messages that empower, bringing us to our feet with energy and gusto. Messages that bring snorting laughter that reminds you just how much sweet tea you had at dinner. And the personal stories and messages that God uses to massage a weary soul; that bring you to your knees in a humbling, emptying moment...only for Him to fill you up again.

The small conference rooms are just large fire hose hook ups I think. You go and get hit with so much information that it is like drinking from those fire hoses. You hope you get some of it in, and that the rest just covers you over and soaks in as you dry out. (um, CDs....a She Speak-ers best friend) The wisdom, character and charm of the presenters astounds me every year. The caliber of professional people willing to help others follow hard after Jesus is a thing that only God (and Queen LeAnn) can orchestrate.

And those moments are amazing. Trust me. All of them.

But sprinkled throughout every moment, every hallway, every room you'll find other moments our Great Big God of little details has laid just so. There are friendships hidden in the elevators, bathrooms, buffet lines, airport shuttles and roommates assignments. Accountability partners that pop up in speaking eval groups, writers groups and even just around the dinner table. There are books that were written for your moments...seemingly for you. The prayer room is holy ground where Jesus leans in as prayers are whispered and where you find a reminder of who God is to you and for you. The worship is sweet and maybe a small glimpse of what Heaven will be where 600 sisters raise their voices to a God who hovers just a breath away.

She Speaks is an amazing conference, for a million reasons. And probably my million would be different from others, again it is God in the details that makes it amazing.

So as I pack my bags this year. I am asking God to open my eyes, to help me see the gems He's hidden. To breathe in the moments He's created to draw me into His lap. 

Today as I write I'm a weary momma who wonders how she'll get it all done before heading to Charlotte this week, but I know next week I'll write as a re-energized daughter of the King back from a weekend of treasure hunting with her Daddy.


Cynthia said...

Amen Sister! You have put these feelings into wonderful words! Can't wait to find the gems God has placed for me! Love you!

Dawn said...

So perfect! This makes me anticipate SS even more.

Brandee said...

Awesome thoughts! Oh I am just more excited now after reading this :)

pinkdaisyjane said...


Kristy K said...

Thank you roomie!!! I can't wait to experience all of this... I've been praying for so long for God to move me in the ways you described.

See you soon!

tiffany @ tea w tiffany said...

I'm so excited. God's going to rock the house. :) Thanks for sharing powerful perspective and encouragement. I too believe!

Michelle S. Lazurek said...

A perfectly succinct and beautiful description of a God ordained experience! Perhaps I will meet you in person, so we can go hunting together!

Judi Cotignola said...

Thank you for your beautiful words. Been feeling overwhelmed by the whole thing, but am now getting excited to hunt for the gems. :)