Wednesday, July 27, 2011

She is Grace Exhaled

Scrap of paper between us. Words scribbled in haste a link between hearts. God's grace and meager thanks laid upon the table cloth.

It was a moment in time. For her, one more face in a long line of excited strangers. For me a moment that will forever live in my heart and one more piece of my life rebuilt.

"There's something different about her," several women would comment about her later. "But what is it?"

I knew it when I read her book. I knew it when I heard her speak. I knew it when she accepted my tear-filled, scrap paper thanks with love, hugs and tears.

She. This farmer's wife with a gift for word pictures and God pictures. She is grace exhaled.

People began filing out around us. Snifles and music filled the air. Ann VosKamp's words were now but echoes in our memories and God's kisses for our souls. I couldn't move. The tears just streamed down my face.

Urged by a new friend to write my thanks to Ann for what her book has done in my life, my heart, my home. I found inadequate words and pushed the pen across the paper. Not nearly enough, but more than I could say.

As I slid the note across the table cloth and choked out a tear-filled explanation her eyes looked into my soul. With acceptance and deep as the blue of her eyes she hugged me. I was touched. Broken. Grateful. Overwhelmed. Humbled. This woman who poured her life unto page so that it might speak of Him of was sweetly listening and in my story with me.

With grace she accepted my thanks and the sliver of my story that I offered to her. Her blue eyes deep with understanding and love. Her very being radiating Christ.

Ann Voskamp's words, speech and tales are beautiful and memorable. Her gentle spirit is grace exhaled to a broken world in need of thanksgiving, light and beauty.


Dawn said...

Absolutely beautiful.

Juli said...

How beautiful, not just that you did it my friend, but that you captured it, to forever be before you eyes as well as in your heart. Isn't God awesome to provide such moments as these? <3

Ann Voskamp @Holy Experience said...

You can't know what a gift and grace it was to meet you, Wendy...

You simply radiate our Savior.

Shine on, sweet sister -- shine on!

All's grace,

Jennifer said...

Thank you for sharing. What a blessing for both of you!

Danielle said...

Hehehe! Girl, such poetry is your writing for this post. Beautiful!

Kendra Cameron-Jarvis said...

What a blessing to meet someone who has touched your soul.