Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cuz my Life is a Sitcom

The chandelier is rattling from the kids jumping off beds upstairs...hmmm, I swear I told them not to do that. I continue to chop tomatoes...rattle, rattle, thump.

Music blaring. Kids can't hear me yell to stop. Hands covered in tomatoes. I'll tell 'em to stop as soon as I finish these onions too.

Tears streaming down my face. (gotta love chopping onions) Hands covered in tomatoes and onions. Music blaring. Thump. Bump. Rattle. Rattle.

Suddenly there is a fly bug thingy going down my shirt? Really?? A bug??

And then as though there wasn't enough happening....

Knock. Knock. Bark. Growl.

You've got to be kidding me.

More knocking. More barking. More thumping and rattling. Tears. And, yes, the bug is still down the front of my shirt.

As I open the door I can't help but laugh (through the tears still streaming down my cheeks). There are the dear ladies from a local church that desperately want me to sit and talk with them about the literature they keep leaving me.

There I stood. A teared-up, wriggling, sticky mess. Water boiling on the stove waiting for canning. Kids coming through the ceiling. Dogs barking and knocking me around.

Literally these ladies looked at me and walked away. NOT ONE WORD! Oh how I wish I could have heard their conversation as they backed out of my driveway -- eyes averted so they didn't make any sort of eye contact with me.

I wonder - will they be back???

Just had to share...cuz some days I feel like my life is a sitcom!


Juli Lubelczyk said...

Oh, this is just precious! Thank you for being real and starting my day with a laugh... <3

Natalie said...

Can definitely relate as I am sure you can imagine. Now, we have added a big, lovable, and very energetic dog to the mix. Sometimes, you gotta just let go and enjoy the craziness because it will all be gone in a flash. Kids grown. Quiet house. Old dog that's too old to play fetch. No laundry to fold or wash. We will miss it...although it's hard to believe.

Wendy Mueller said...

Love it, girl. Feels like my week too. Hope the rest of the day goes a bit better.