Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Bees of My Life

I love to take pictures; to capture a moment or a glimpse of hidden beauty. I see much of life through the lens and even when I don't have the camera to my eye I often see snapshots that would have been click worthy.

Sunday afternoon I took a walk with God and my camera. As I wandered the fields and woods around our family's mountain home I asked God to open my eyes. Father, I prayed, open my eyes to Your creation. Let me see the details of this world that you placed around me. Help me find the photos.

I saw a butterfly on a bush and rushed to capture the moment. I had taken some shots earlier of a pretty beat up swallow tail butterfly. I was hoping for the perfect specimen and the perfect picture. Before I could push the button the butterfly was gone...so much for that.

As I stood there at the edge of the tree line I heard a buzzing. My eyes focused in on a bee buzzing for tiny flower to tiny flower. I moved into the edge of the bushes and began to focus the camera on him. I could hear his buzzing stop as he climbed into the bloom. I saw his legs laden with pollen as he bumbled through his God-given job. He was beautiful and perfect.

I must have taken 25 pictures of the bee and was caught up in his flora-centered world when my daughter, Isabel, appeared next to me. "Whatcha taking pictures of mom?" She asked her sweet little sing-song voice. Like I woke from a great dream of bright colors and untouchable worlds I was confused and didn't answer her. After a second round of questioning I managed to mumble something about a bee.

"A bee? Why? Bees are gross!" She said as she wandered off to live her own adventures in the fields of our mountain oasis.

And as I stood there, I was annoyed. The bee was not gross, he was perfect and beautiful. I saw him not as a bug or a nuisance (not at all the way I saw the bees that have stung me in the past!), but I saw him as God made him. I saw him in living color.

Monday brought ponderings of what to write today for my first blog of this week. Should write of recharging my batteries in the mountains of Virginia? Should I write of the blessings of last week -- family, friends, and an adorable husband? Should I write about my bee?

As I thought about the bee God began to prick my soul a little bit. Well, really, a lot. I prayed to see His creation the way He sees it. So I could capture the image, so I didn't have to engage but observe. I don't ask God for the in my life. I don't ask God to let me see His children as He sees them. I don't ask God to show me how their are laden not with pollen or the beauty of flowers but by heartache, pain and the trials of this life. I don't focus my heart or my eye upon them.


Honestly, I don't know. And in all truth, I feel awful about it.

So, this week I pray....Father, let me see Your children as you let me see that bee. Open my eyes to the details of their busy lives and heavy loads. Instead of buzzing and chatter, let me hear the rhythm of their life and their work. Let me be caught up in the moment with them so that I can recall details they share later to give them a Word or share a smile. Allow me to tend to the bees in my life, not through observation or a disengaged lifestyle but up-close and involved that I might impact others for You. Give me Your eyes to see Your creation with the love You have for it.


Runner Mom said...

Amen! What a beautiful post--and pictures, Wendy! Thanks for that reminder--to be am impact to others!

Love ya,

Sherry B. said...

Wendy...I'm sort of ashamed to post here on Sept 10th...but I sat next to you at one of the meals at She Speaks in NC. Just let me say I've been following your blog, love it and am inspired to keep encouraged by what your words have to say. I'm transforming by blog and trying to figure out what God would have me do with it, share with it and all the other stuff that goes along with surrendering. Thank you for your words of encouragement and I'll keep coming back...you take beautiful pics...from one fellow photographer to another...go girl!

Sherry B.

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Beautiful post. And don't feel awful about asking God to allow you to see His creation and creatures. There is worth in that also...a sense of rejuvenation and appreciation for HIM and what He has created, each with a purpose.