Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Room Looks Happy

I was so tired and sore, but as I walked up the stairs behind her I could barely contain myexcitement. I stood motionless in the hallway as she opened her bedroom door.

As her family and friends began to sing "Happy Birthday" Isabel ran int my arms. I carried her into her room. My heart still pounding, my eyes filled with tears and the butterflies banging around in my belly were nearly the size of those hanging from her ceiling.

After 48 hours of scraping wallpaper, painting walls and furniture, assembling furniture, hanging decorations, making the bed, loading in the shelves and so much more we were done. It all came down to that moment.

Oh, how fun it was, friends! For Isabel's birthday we made over her bedroom. She spent two days with one of her grandparents while we created a pink and green oasis fit for a guitar playing, singing, dancing, dimpled princess.

Even before I saw Isabel's reaction (and we were hoping she loved, but you never know for sure) it was one of the best days of my life. Beyond all the big milestone days (you know wedding, birth of children, etc.) there are those days that are what life and family are all about. This was one of them.

For a few moments after we finished and the waiting for her arrival began I sat on the floor next the closet. I pictured the coming days and years in his room. The laughter, the sleepovers, the prayers, the fashion shows, the singing, the learning, the reading, the heartache, the love, the little girl that will begin to blossom here...and I cried and prayed. What an amazing blessing my sweet daughter!

Here are a few pictures of her room. Oh, by the way her reaction was so cute she was embarassed and unsure, but as she began to explore she told me that the room looks happy and it makes her feel happy inside. Yay, that's what we were hoping for!

View from the hallway.

the view if you were laying with your head on her pillow


Paula (SweetPea) said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this. How precious. I love the pink and green as I'm always fond of that combination. I think bright colors for a girl's room is so neat. LOVE the green closet door and the large flower on it. Love the butterflies.

Her reaction was priceless...making her feel happy.

Thanks for sharing and brightening our day.

The Heart and Mind of a Woman said...

You done good, girlfriend. You done good.

The time flies by so quickly, doesn't it?


Runner Mom said...

Oh, Wendy! Oh absolutely precious! I know that your baby girl will love her time in her beautfiul room. The post that you wrote brought tears to my eyes...yes, they grow up way too fast. Enjoy each moment!

Love you!