Thursday, September 10, 2009

Chasing 99 0n My Way to 34

As Isabel was coloring her Bible lessons worksheet today she began to sing. The words of her song touched my heart...

"God keep talking to me,
Because I love you,
I'm listening..."

Oh my!

Yesterday was day one of 99. I'm chasing 99.


I saw a link on Facebook yesterday to Chasing 99. Read through the Bible in 99 days -- they have a schedule laid out and talk about the time commitments (also have plans for the New Testament or just the Gospels and Acts).

I've never read through the whole Bible. I liked the thought. And as I began to unfold the timeline in my head, I realized I'd be finished with the reading days before my birthday and a couple of weeks before Christmas.

So, my new goal: I'm chasing 99 on my way to 34! I can't wait to hear what God has to say as I turn my attention to His Word. As I gear up for the holidays, wind down the year and find my legs as a homeschooling stay-at-home mom God is ready to speak.

And as Isabel shouted toward the ceiling of our office/study this afternoon...

"God keep talking to me,
Because I love you,
I'm listening..."

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Jordan said...

Hi Wendy, I stumbled up your post about chasing99. Me and a few other pastors started chasing99 to help others read their bible more. It is so cool to see how everyone has been responding. May you draw closer to God these 99 days then you ever have. God bless!

- Jordan