Sunday, February 13, 2011

In Love with Love

When we were dating and falling in love Will asked me, "Are you in love with love?" He went on to tell me how his friend had told him to avoid women who just were in love with love and not with the man.

I quickly assured him that I was in love with him...not with love. In all truth I had no idea what that question meant.

Still don't.

And while I didn't want him to think I was some lunatic girl in love with everyone and connected to nobody, I answered no. But the more I thought about the question. The more I live. I might have changed my answer.

Oh, sigh, on this day of hearts, flowers, lil fat guys armed with arrows and chocolates wrapped in romantic colors, don't get me wrong. I love my husband. I love his laugh, his smile, the tears that well up in his eyes when life moves his heart. I love that he is a provider, a conqueror, my hero and my comedian. His love inspires me to be a better person, to be the wife he deserves. Oh, yes, I love that man of mine.

But the truth is I am in love with love.

For you see, I am in love with the One who is love.

God is love. (1 John 4:8)

God is patient.
God is kind.
God does not envy.
God does not boast.
God is not proud.
God does not dishonor others.
God is no self-seeking.
God is not easily angered.
God keeps no record of wrongs.
God does not delight in evil.
God rejoices in the truth.
God always trust.
God always hopes.
God always perseveres.
God never fails.

So, as we celebrate a sugared up holiday about romance and love. I urge you to take a moment breathe a prayer to the Holy valentine.

I'm in love with love.
I'm in love with Jesus.

Father, thank you for loving us before we knew of love. Thank you for loving us despite all the reasons not to. Teach us to love. The deep, grace-filled, sacrificial love that only comes from You. Bless our single friends, may they feel complete in Your Holy love and remember that You are the author of their love story. And for all those in a relationship and marriage, Father, remind them of the preciousness of their treasure and celebrate them. Thank you for love!

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Danielle said...

I LOVE that! "Are you in love with Love?"

Oh, yes! I am in love with J-e-s-u-s!

Thank you, girl. Puts into perspective some stuff I have been struggling with as of late. I think I need to write my 2nd love a note.;-)