Thursday, March 19, 2009

60th Anniversary!!

Sixty years! Sixty years! That's a very long time. That's how long my grandparents have been married today. 60 YEARS!! At the risk of sounding a little condescending let me tell you, I am proud of them. It is my honor to celebrate their union today and in a few short weeks we'll be in Oregon to celebrate with them!


21,900 nightly dinners

60 Christmases, tax seasons, valentine's days

two children, two years apart

two grandchildren

two great-grandchildren (thus far)

12 Presidents

8-tracks to records to tapes to CDs

3120 Sundays at church

3 sets of in-laws (not including the 10 siblings between the two of them)

40 baby teeth

Countless moves, late nights, business dinners, grocery runs, hugs, kisses, trips to the beach, and memories

Paul & Esther Hunt at their 50th anniversary party
(picture of a picture on my wall)
My grandmother's memory is fading and while she doesn't always remember the rest of us. She always remembers my Grandfather -- the man who won her heart in a whirlwind romance sixty years ago. And he still looks at her fondly and is amazing devotion to keeping her safe and happy is things Hollywood can't even touch!

I am blessed to be close to my grandparents and I hold they out as our ideal. Will and I had a short, whirlwind romance and were married right around their ages. We have two kids, roughly the same age difference as my dad and aunt. We have a lot in common with that couple sixty years ago. I can only pray that they have something in common with a couple 55 years from now!


Brandi said...

I send my love to you, your family as well as your Grandparents!!! Oh how I miss you Wendy!! Remember when we used to talk about living close so that or kids could play together!!! Have a wonderful time in Or!!! We wish that we could be there to!!!!!

Stonefox (otherwise known as Heidi) said...

That's a lot of nightly dinners! How wonderful!