Friday, March 13, 2009

I'll be there Waiting for You

I was just reading Nicki's blog about those moments when God reaches out to you. When you know the words from the song, sermon, etc. were designed to speak right to your heart. If you are willing to share, please visit Three Girly Girls and tell Nicki about it or feel free to leave it here -- there seem to be so many hurting these days and how lovely is it to receive encouragement that God is talking all around us!

While I left one of my moments on Nicki's comments I promised to leave the other here so I didn't leave a novel on her comment page.

Last year, in order attend She Speaks I sent out fundraising letters in hopes of raising some (or all) of the money to be able to go. While I was blessed by friends and family and was able to attend the conference that forever altered the fabric of my faith and the journey of my life.
So, of course, when it came around to registering this year I jumped at the chance. After all, God was waiting for me there...why wouldn't I run back to see Him again this year. Not too mention all the great friends who I still keep up with online and a bit by phone.

Well, I registered and chose the fundraising option again. Within a couple of days I felt like I had made a I wasn't meant to go this year. Last year I had been so sure that God was calling me deeper into Women's Ministry (as that is where I had been for a few years), but this year my life is very far from there. I am not in Women's Ministry anymore and I feel like God is beginning to shift my life to send me into something else. Hmmm? What to do?

Lost in a sea of my own doubt, I was floundering. And then I prayed that prayer, that know the one. "God can you just give me sign or something, please." You know it, huh? How many times have you prayed it? I cannot even possibly count all the times I've cried out like that, but I never get any burning bushes or flashing road signs (have you seen Bruce Almighty?) least if I do get them I usually miss them.

I got an email from Samantha at Proverbs about my fundraising. The received a check with my name on it last fall and they had assumed it was for my fundraising but considering the odd timing (months after the last conference and registration for 2009 had not even begun) she was hoping I could shed some light on the situation. After some investigative work we found out that the check was indeed for my fundraising and the generous person's timing was just waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy off. Or was it?

Do you see? God used someone's delay in replying to answer my prayer for direction! Hello burning bush. Is that a flashing arrow I see on the highway?

Don't you love that!! Everyone else saw it as someone's awful bookkeeping practices...I knew it was God tapping me on the shoulder. "Go, my sweet daughter. I'll be there waiting for you."
I teared up just writing that! I know God is with me every moment of every day, but oh how I love those moments when I feel it. When I know He is speaking straight to my heart!

Don't forget to pop on over to Nicki's blog.


On Purpose said...

He loves you Wendy...and He will take care of you every step of the way...hold tight to His hand and trust Him...He will ONLY lead you straight to His heart!

Runner Mom said...

I just love God moments, and this is a perfect one! Can't wait to see you this July!


Stonefox (otherwise known as Heidi) said...

I love it when God does something like this! His timing is always perfect.

Thanks for visiting my blog (and you are invited to do the Hair Dare!)

Paula (SweetPea) said...

This is so precious, Wendy. I love it. God is never a minute late or a second early. So, HE indeed did ochestrate your attendance this year and gave you such confirmation of it. He is good.

Thank you for your very sweet comment on my blog. Sometimes my heart doesn't feel so beautiful but I SO appreciate the reminder that indeed it is and I am made beautiful through Christ.

Lysa TerKeurst said...

Oh my... I love this post. What a cool reminder of God's undeniable interest in you and your ministry.

So, so, so very inspiring.

Thanks for sharing!