Monday, March 9, 2009

Forever Blowing Bubbles

God has blessed us with a taste of spring this weekend. The birds are singing. The sky is an extra special shade of blue. The neighborhood has suddenly come a live. Cars are getting a bath. The kids are playing the cul-de-sac. The windows are open. And I'm breathing in the full promise of new life and growth around the corner.

Friends, God is so good. (Can I get an Amen?) How many of us love the spring? Drawing in long, deep breaths after a spring rain and knowing nature gets a fresh start every year. A time to bloom, grow and speak volumes of God's love without ever saying a word. It occurred to me, that every morning is our spring. The sun rises on a new day, every day. God gives us a new chance to reach, grow and love...and erases the dirt and sin that mounded up in the winter of our humanness.

Oh! How I am delighted by all of this. I love spring. The flowers. The sunlight. The birds filling the air with song. The light and life that greets me at every turn. Tomorrow I choose to look at the day as my spring -- to look for the beauty in everyday things around me. Look for my chances to speak of God's growth and and light, by simply sparkling the way he designed me to do. Will you enjoy your spring? (even if it doesn't "feel" like spring)

Okay, so now I must share a delightful moment I got to share on Friday. Friday afternoon was delightful here, high 60's, slight breeze, blue sky...a breath of fresh air. Of course, as any house-bound stay-at-home mommy can attest to, it was time to play outside for a long, long time. And so we did. My mother-in-law came to visit in the afternoon and brought Isabel a little battery powered bubble blowing fan thingy (a treat for being a big girl and being in panties all the time during the day now). Well, the toy is fantastic. The little fan blows through 4 little round pieces (that look like the top of the traditional bubble wand) and makes tons of bubbles, some of them quite large.

The breeze whirled and swirled, sending the bubbles this way and that all around our yard and driveway. The squeals of delight from Isabel and Paxton were priceless and I'm sure there were some from me too. How lovely it was! Nothing seems to bring on smiles and laughter like bubbles on the breeze.

I'll have to keep the bubble solution stocked up for hours of playing and squealing in the warm days ahead.

You know, I wondered as I watched the kids run around and dance in the tornadoes of bubbles do we bring God such warm fuzzies? When we wrap ourselves in His love and squeal with love and delight what does He feel? Does He choke up? Or well up with emotion?

And do we get to blow bubbles in Heaven? Forever....dancing and squealing in joy as we worship at the knee of the Father who delights in us?

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On Purpose said...

Hello Wendy, I chose to believe we do give God warm fuzzies...when HE looks down and sees us enjoying the blessings of children He gave us...just like the moments you describe here in this post! I LOVE to watch my children experience life...and so I believe God does too!

May you know you are loved today!