Wednesday, July 15, 2009

God, You didn't Get it Right

When I wrote my last post, I was venting my feelings and truly thought no one would relate. Wow, I couldn't have been more off the mark. The Facebook comments I received first thing started opening my eyes -- we women all tend to buy into Satan's lies about our bodies and our looks. Look at a magazine, turn on the TV, check out the big screen and it is not hard to see where we get our misinformation.

One of those fb comments started me thinking (yeah, Cathy for being so insightful)...let me share part of the comment with you: "...I have discovered that God is lonely without our love and now I have discovered it again through your words, it's like the more we bash ourselves, the more we are telling God he messed up." Can you imagine the audacity of telling God He didn't get it right?

Go to a window right now, look out at God's creation -- wherever you are there is bound to be something that catches your eye -- the mountains, a river, a bird, a tree, the ocean, whatever. Just look at it. Drink in its loveliness, its form, its function, its complexity. (Go ahead, I'll be here when you get back.)

Back? Did you find something? I was looking at the beautiful flowers that are growing in my front yard. Now imagine this, as I look at that flower I begin noticing it's imperfections -- its stem is crooked and a little bulgy in places, one of the leaves has a hole in it or and that droopy leaf -- nightmare! Let's go one step further, as I am looking at that flower I begin telling God all that is wrong with it..."God, You didn't get it right with this bulgy stem...". Um?

Now go to the mirror. Take a long look at yourself -- head to toe if you can. Look at the lines around your eyes, the post-baby tummy that pooches out a little (or even a lot), the scar from where you fell as a child, your "crooked" smile, maybe your "flabby" arms...all of it. (Go ahead, remember, I'll be here still.)

Back? What did you see?

Lines around your eyes? You know what those are called don't you? Laugh lines -- those show the joy you've had and carry with you. Smile...see 'em. Don't complain about them or get rid of them...embrace the joy God has given you.

Post-baby belly? You know what that is evidence of? That God laid His hands on your belly and created life. Yes, your partnership with God in growing life changed your body, but it changed your heart too...wear your pooch proudly.

How about your arms? Are they as flabby as mine are? Don't like 'em, do ya? Think for minute of the people you bless with hugs. We are God's arms at times and hold people when they need to be held by Him. Are the arms of God ugly?

Girls (and boys), I could go on for days about every imperfection. Trust me...I could.

So the magazines, TV and Hollywood have it wrong. There is no "perfect" size, shape, height or look...well, there is but not just one. God designed every woman to look like she looks. He made her perfectly unique and in His image.

Your hands made me and formed me. Psalm 119:73

The same hands that made the things outside your window made your curves (or lack there of). He got it right and don't for one minute today believe anything different. We can always strive to be more healthy, in better shape and the best form of us if we are doing it in the right spirit, but if it is out of self-loathing and deception we are wrong.

Look in the mirror again....regardless of what you "feel" tell God you know the truth...He got it right and you are beautiful. Go ahead...


Runner Mom said...

This was the BEST post ever!! Loved it!! You are such a great writer and lover of God! You simply shined through in this post!!


Paula (SweetPea) said...

Good points. I never thought of how we obsess with our image that it's saying He made a mistake.

However, not to play devil's advocate (I hate that term as I am NO advocate of that awful creature)...but...knowing God created us in perfect form doesn't give us the okay to live unhealthy in an manner: emotionally, spiritually, mentally, physically. That is I don't think we can eat in excess (glutony) weigh 400 lbs and say "but God made me this way." No, He didn't. We make ourselves that way with sin, disobedience, and selfish living/eating.

Hope that's okay to put my two cents in the pot. :-)

The Incredible Shrinking Woman said...

Hey Wendy! I was looking at your blog from the SheSpeaks comments, and I wanted to share something with you. I too struggle with feeling inadequate about the looks, the weight, the talent, the devotion to my King...everything seems to point to what is wrong, not what is right. Yet, it is in those moments of personal crisis that I find the most comfort in the lap of my Savior. When I can only look at the "what I am," Christ is quick to remind me it's not the what, but the WHO I am. Whats make no difference to Him. And praise the Lord for that! Even though I am on a journey of weight loss myself, I am more concerned with the lessons of trust I get by releasing my food addictions to Him. He is there to show me that He can handle changing me, even when I can't change myself.
I pray that you will feel chosen by God and confident in Christ while we are at SheSpeaks, and I can't wait to meet you beautiful face to beautiful face!!!