Friday, July 31, 2009

Son Showers

The sun is beating down on the car. I'm thankful for the AC that is taking the edge off, but I feel the heat on my arms and hands. Summer in the south, huh? 92 degrees, according to my car.

And as I am drinking in the clouds and marveling at the beauty that is the Virginia countryside, it starts raining. There are no dark clouds. No rain clouds. The sun is shining and it is raining. Sun showers, that's what that is called, right?

So I look up on the handy little thermometer thingy on my car at the temp has fallen like 7 degrees. When I stepped out of the car at little later it was still shining and raining. It smelled like rain. My skin was cooled by the light touch of rain while my body was warmed by the sun. So cool.

And I began thinking. Being wrapped in the loving arms of Jesus allows us to experience Son Showers. (track with me here)

Jesus warms my soul -- my whole body from inside out is touched by His light. And while the showers will come (read that again, yes they will come) we are still warm in His love.

After life's storms pass I am keenly aware life around me. Colors are brighter. I breathe life in a little deeper. Just like after the rain -- you can smell the change in the air, feel the temp come down.

So, dear ones, let us wrap ourselves in Jesus so that when the rain comes we know the joy of Son Showers.

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On Purpose said...

And this is post right here my friend is why He is asking you to WRITE!!! I love it! I am praying and knowing you are having some great Jesus time at She Speaks...can't wait to hear all about it!