Thursday, July 23, 2009

What Do I Have to Say?

Don't you just love it when something leaps off the screen or the page at you? Or rings so loudly in your ears that that is all you can hear? An answer or a prompt from Heaven that you can't ignore.

For those of you that don't know, I am going to the She Speaks conference in a couple of days (click the button on the right for more info -- incredible experience for women in several ministries -- more on that another day). When I first learned of She Speaks last year I was drawn to it from a Women's Ministry standpoint, sure that I could learn a lot and expand my life in ministry. I had an incredible time and while God met me in a very personal way that weekend He also sent me home with new knowledge and a pocket full of contacts.

Oh how things can change in a year. Attending a new church left me ministry-less and it seems that no matter how hard I try God (or maybe someone else) is just keeping me out of the same track. So, why did God call me back to She Speaks? Your asking me? Ha! After much prayer and repeated prompting I signed up for the writer's track.

Almost immediately I began wondering what I was going to write. What do I have to say that someone else would want to read? Truthfully, that thought has lingered until this last week. Now and then I write a blog and am ecstatic when I get some responses. As we were discussing self-image last week (a series that brought lots of comments via facebook, blog and email) I read something. Something that pricked my heart.

"The experiences with God and the wisdom you’ve gained in your journey with him will be treasures for someone. Whether it’s your children or your friends or the masses- God will make sure the exact audience who is supposed to be blessed by your teaching will be." -- Lysa TerKeurst

I had never considered writing for just my children. You know, two of my grandparents wrote their autobiographies to share their life stories with us and future generations. And as I began to think what it would have been like if my Grandmother (who did write of her life and the major events) had written her knowledge of raising two kids two years apart (same as mine), of being a wife and mother, of her faith and her walk with God. Can you imagine?

So, I go this week to learn more about writing (as a ministry) and the publishing world. Then when I come home I will begin to write the words I want my daughter and son to know later. And perhaps, God will find another audience for my words. Wouldn't that be cool?

Friends, I ask for your prayers this week. That I might God where He's calling me to and see His direction so clearly.

***Special Note to the She Speaks gals reading -- I'd love to meet face to face at the conference. Leave me a comment or drop an email. Have you hear Jen is having a bloggy get together on the veranda (if that doesn't sound southern, I don't know what does). Will you be there? Let's catch up!! :) ***


Danielle said...

Ah! I'm a girl that confuses so easily! I thought this was your site, had your name on it and everything... but you changed! I got Liking the new lay-out!

I love this post. A few years ago, I would have thought going to this type of conference, I would be going for writing... God had other plans. I don't know yet why He wants me there. But I am going... with an open and willing heart to hear what He has to say.

I will probably get to meet you if you'll be on the ver-annnd-a. Hee! I have such a picture of that spot in my mind already. I'm thinking of borrowing my daughters parasol.

Jen - Balancing Beauty and Bedlam said...

...Oh no, I hope the veranda isn't a disappointment. I haven't seen it, but is outside. :)hee hee

Looking forward to meeting you on Friday.