Sunday, July 19, 2009

Move Your At

God thinks I am beautiful. Great!

I weigh 200 pounds and I'm 5'2" -- I'm terribly out of shape, I can't stand the look of my own body and I am so enslaved to food that I binge eat and suffer the health and emotional (read guilt) consequences.

I do have to learn that whatever my weight, I'm beautiful to my Maker because of who He made me, not what I choose to live like.

There's the kicker.

What I choose to live like.

So as I stick another bite of that dessert in mouth and choose to watch TV tonight instead of doing something active I'm choosing me, not God.

God's plans aren't for us to be fat or mean or sad or addicted or lonely or lost (or the million other adjectives that describe the places we get mired in life). No, He wants to be healthy, happy and content in Him; knowing we are loved and watched over by a God who can fill us up and take us to highs not found on this earth. He loves us where we're at, but He expects us to keep moving the "at".

Max Lucado said, "God loves you just as you are, but He loves you too much to leave you there."

You've heard it. Oh, heck, I've said it. "God made me that way." Flashing red lights and loud sirens should go off on your human bull pucky meter when you hear those words. God made me "heavy set" -- I've always been on the "fluffy" side. And while I might have more curves than Hollywood's pop tart of the week that doesn't mean God wants me to be unhealthy and food obsessed.

Have you said it? Are you saying it? About what?

As I stare down the barrel of lifestyle change I don't like it. I want to stay in my comfort zone, eat food that tastes too yummy and not feel like I'm being deprived; but God is calling me to something more. Really, even more than calling me to change me He is calling me to change my relationship with Him.

You see right now food eclipses so much of God's light in my life. I am not the woman He made me to be if I'm not bathed in His light (inside and out). I heard someone once say about a fat person that "he worships at the altar of the all-you-can-eat-buffet". Wow, pretty strong words, right?

But, how does your life/lifestyle point to where you worship? I don't want to be a beacon of light pointing people to food or earthly compulsions. I want to point heavenward.

I know God is asking me to move my "at" and I going to start. Will you pray with me? I could use it.

Is He calling you to move your "at" too?


Danielle said...

Sweet sister, I HEAR you!! I've been on the journey of getting healthy for a couple years now.(Seriously trying.) But, of course my flesh is weak and I fail at it more than I succeed. But in that, I know it's because I give it to God and then I take it right back.

You see, Baby Ruth, she calls my name. I am not kidding. I will be in the store, doing good, no thoughts of candy or chips and dip at all... when all of a sudden, I hear it--'Danielle.' It's audible. At least to me. She calls to me and I can't resist. I HATE that!

But, by God's strength, I have been resisting lately. It's been hard... and ooooh so tempting when they place all the Yummy-sinful-goodness right in line of sight at the check out isle. And, it's just not right!

'I can do all things through Christ who strengthen me.'This is what I repeat to myself over and over when I start to get tempted.

I will be praying with you and for you!

Love in Christ

Danielle said...

I forgot to say that a great website for help is

You can find a large number of different resources there: from articles, to recipes, to videos for working-out and so much more.

Runner Mom said...

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